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DVD's can produce a lasting memory of
just about anything!






Baby's first year


Pregnancy Pictorial

Just about anything you would like to remember!


A DVD is a compact way to preserve all your priceless photo for generations to come which can be easily mailed to relative to enjoy.

Your photo, documents, drawing, etc accompanied by music to produce a permanent memory to relive for years to come. Each DVD can contain hundreds of photos set to your favorite music.

Just like with Web Sites, Capriella will work with you on the order of photos, transitions, where you music best fit with the picture Do you want titles? Subtitles? It is all up to you!


Prices will depend upon: If I am given digital or need to scan pictures
                                         Number of pictures
                                         If you or I already own the music you select.
                                         Any extras you choose ( Additional Titles, Subtitles, copies of the DVD)
                                         Rush Service (DVD completed in 3-5 days)


For more information, please email me with what you have in mind! I would be happy to help you make a memory last!



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