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DOB 3/2/1997

DAM: Keinan Paula
DD: Keinan Pam 2*M
DS: Keinan Le Leonardo *B

SIRE: B+ Honey-Bear Safari
SD: CH Honey-Bear Hagen's Paisley
SS: Honey-Bear Yosemite
Pricilla is a consistent milker, always
Finishing at 12 -13 lbs. Her butterfat
Averages 4%. She is a Purebred Nubian
Goat, a 4* milker and is appraised as an 88.

DOB 5/2/1997

DAM: Keinan Jayco 3*M
DD: Keinan J-April 2*M
DS: Keinan Hi-Ho *B

SIRE: Keinan Freckles *B
SD: Keinan Peggi 5*M
SS: Honey-Bear Safari O'Keinan *B

Juniper is an American Nubian who is a Powerhouse in the milking department! She is Very consistant and difficult to dry up once she Starts milking. Juniper completed her 2002 lactation with 3,103 Lbs. Of milk in 288 milking days. She also had a 4% Butterfat content. We hope to see the same or Better this year! Juniper  is the mother of Jazmyne & Jubilee of Hill Croft Farm. Juniper is a 4* milker and was appraised 86.

DOB 4/3/2002

SIRE: Foxwood Sam's Felician
SS: Faith-Farm G S Samaritan *B
SD: GCH Regehrs Foxie Felicia BBK 5*M

DAM: Foxwood Marsha
DS: The Shadow Vale Lunar Odyssey
DD: CH Foxwood Carbon's Raven

Rebekkah comes to Slate Woods from Foxwood Farm in Tennessee. Rebekkah is a Purebred Nubian goat who is a very Consistent milker and received her *M milking 2,050 in her 1st lactation. She is milking between 8-10 lbs a day and has recieved her 1*M. Rebekkah has just completed an extended lactation from Jan 06-Sept 07. She did very well, with good consistency and was hard to dry up. She is now bred and willo e allowed to have another extended lactation after her kidding.

Alchemy-Acres Merlin's De' Ja' Vu
DOB - 2/14/98

Sire:  Alchemy- Acres Merlin
SS:  Honey-Bear Joker (AI)
SD: Honey-Bear Mentor's Meringue

Dam:  CH Honey-Bear Hagen's Paisley
DS: Flora Farm Hagen *B
DD: Muirhill Mosby's Striper 1*M

De' Ja' Vu, along with her sister Puabi, came to live at Slate Woods in November 2006.  De' Ja' Vu is a Paisley duaghter and that syas alot.  De' Ja' is long, tall and wide.

Alchemy-Acres Paisley's Puabi
DOB - 2/21/1999

Sire:  Alchemy- Acres Merlin
SS:  Honey-Bear Joker (AI)
SD: Honey-Bear Mentor's Meringue

Dam:  CH Honey-Bear Hagen's Paisley
DS: Flora Farm Hagen *B
DD: Muirhill Mosby's Striper 1*M

Puabi is De' Ja" Vu's full sister.  Once again a carbon copy of Paisley.  Puabi is long, wide and tall.  Both PUabi and De' Ja' Vu carry champion genetics and they come from a long line of consistent milkers that were bred for longevity.  Slate Woods would like to thank Alchamey-Acres, Sue & Barb, for entrusting us their does and allowing us to add more old genetics to our here.

Slate Woods Pamella
DOB - 12/30/2000

Sire:  Wolf's Pride Macho Candy Man
SS: Chevy Acres PS Nashville *B
SD: Divine-Dervishs Sweet As Candy

Dam:  Keinan Paula 3*M
DS: Keinan Le Leonardo *B
DD: Keinan Pam 2*M

Pamella is a big boned, long, tall doe.  Pamella has matured into a large doe.  She averages weighting 240 or more at all times.  She is a very good milker, always milking 10-12 lbs and very consistent through out her lactation.  Her extended pedigree contains Lodestar, Cadillac and Cold Comfort.

Slate Woods Pamella's Pride

DOB: 1-28-2007

Sire: Alchemy Acres Shakiras Merlin
SS: Small Haven Alchemys Dauntless
SD: Alchemy Acres PD Shakira

Dam: Slate Woods Pamella 4*M
DS: Wolfe's Pride macho Candy Man
DD: SG Keinan Paula

Pride is a large, long bodied dle. Pride looks like her dam, Pamella, who is the bigget does in our herd. Pride has a lot of milk in her bloodlines. Pride will not be bred this year due to the fact that earlier this year she broke her leg. I feel like she needs more time to heal properly.

DOB: 4/1/2000

SIRE: The Shadow Vale Lunar Odyssey
SS: CH +*B Faith Farm Eden's Testimony
SD: GCH Golden Haze Moonlight Illusion *M

DAM: Foxwood Esther's Ebony
DS: CH Faith-Farm AG Genesis *B
DD: H and R Cameo's Esther

April is a Purebred Nubian from Foxwood Farm in Tennessee. She is a very large doe with A will to milk. April's peak milk production has Stayed consistent at 12 lbs and her udder Attachment is gorgeous.

Alchemy-Acres Shakiras Merlin

Sire: Small-Haven Alchemy's Dauntless    
Dam: Alchemy-Acres PD Shakira    
 Merlin is a flashy, well put together purebred buck. Merlin's  bloodlines are tied very strongly  to the old Cadillaclines and he has thrown some really nice kids for us.  We  collected  Merlin  in the fall of 2005, semen is available  -  $15 straw            

Bell-Haven Lunar Eclipse *B

Sire:Cedarsage Cheyenne Renegade
Dam:Bell-Haven Vanessas Miss Velma 4*M

Lunar is a tall, long body purebred buck. He improves length of body, bone and milk production. He has a great disposition.  We collected him in the fall of 2005.
Semen is available @ $15 straw

DOB: 12/9/2002

SIRE: Alchemy Acre's BF Relentless
SS: Foxwood Ali Bubba
SD: Honey-Bear Mentor's Fresca

DAM: Slate Woods Hayley's Tidbit 6*M
DS: Keinan Pryor-Son AI *B
DD: Keinan Hayley 5*M

Haven & Hesper are sisters and both are alike in their milking abilities. Both does are consistent milkers, milking between 8- 10 lb.. They both have nicely attached udders. Their sire has produced does with high butterfat and we are looking forward to the future production of theses two sisters.


Dam- Slate Woods Lillith (January)
Sire- Alchemy-Acres BF Relentless (Eli)
Josie is a really nice American doe. She was sold as a kid but last summer we brought her back into our herd. Her dam January was a powerhouse milker. January milked 2800lb as a second freshner,this is why Josie was brought back into the herd.

Slate Woods Lady Nightengale
DOB- 3/6/04

Sire-Alchemy-Acres Shakiras Merlin
SS: Small-Haven Alchemy's Dauntless
SD: Alchemy- Acres PD Shakira

Dam-Fidelity-Hill Nadine's Nutmeg 5*M
DS: *B Greystone Jethro Excel
DD: Greystone Nadine 4*M

Nighty is a wide and level doe. We are very excited to see what she will do in her first lactation. Nighty is a nice deep, wide & level doe. She has very nice kids and we are excited to see her 2008 kids.