Milking Does

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DOB 12/23/01

SIRE: Keinan Pokeman
SS: Keinan Peanut's Popcorn
SD: 1*M Keinan Little Polyanna

DAM: 4*M The Juniper
DS: *B Keinan Freckles
DD: 3*M Keinan Jayco

Jazmyne is an American Nubian doe who is the Image of her mother Juniper except she is black. Jazmyne is a strong bodied, big bones doe. We Are very pleased with Jazmyne's milk production -- she received her 5*M in her first lactation!

 DOB: 12/9/2002

SIRE: Alchemy Acre's BF Relentless
SS: Foxwood Ali Bubba
SD: Honey-Bear Mentor's Fresca

DAM: Slate Woods Hayley's Tidbit 6*M
DS:  Keinan Pryor-Son AI *B
DD: Keinan Hayley 5*M

Haven & Hesper are sisters and both are alike in their milking abilities. Both does are consistent milkers, milking between 8- 10 lb.. They both have nicely attached udders. Their sire has produced does with high butterfat and we are looking forward to the future production of theses two sisters.


DOB 5/5/2002

SIRE: Greystone Jethro Excel *B
SS: Kaczara-Farm India's Taj
SD: Greystone Vidalia 5*M

DAM: Greystone Nadine 4*M
DS: Greystone Blade +*B
DD: Walnut-Bank Duchy 3*M

Nutmeg is a purebred doe that comes from a long line of top ten milk producers. Her grandmother, Walnut-Bank Dutchy, milk 20 LB per day, so we are expecting great things from Nutmeg in herfuture lactations.



Fidelity-Hill Lady Marodda
DOB 3/06/04

Sire- Kaczara Farm Briget's Pilgram *B
SS: +*B Musk-Rose SS Flora's Leonardo
SD: 3*M Kaczara Farm Jewel's Briget

Dam- Fidelity -Hill O' Maddi Roxanni
DS: Khimaria Charlemagne Rosco
DD: Pampatike O'Mallary O'Madison

Marodda is a very big and flashy purebred doe. She comes from a line of heavy milk producers. We have great expectations for her. Marodda has already proven to be a productive milker, milking 13-14 LB per day this lactation.

 DOB: 12/24/2003

SIRE: Alchemy Acre's Relentless
SS: Foxwood Ali Bubba
SD: Honey-Bear Mentor's Fresca

DAM: Knutts Bend Mercy Louise
DS: Bell-Haven's Lunar Eclipse *B
DD: Slate Woods Mercy

Miracle is the daughter of Alchemy-Acres Relentless and Knuttes Bend Mercy Louise. She is
A gorgeous, long bodied doe and has the width to go Along with her deep barrel. Miralce's udder attachments are gorgeous. Her fore udder blends so well and her teat placemend is almost perfect. In here second lactation she has proven to be very consistent and that she has the will to milk.


DOB: 5/31/2004

SIRE: Slate Woods Lunar's Lucian *B
SS: Bell-Haven Lunar Eclipse *B
SD Keinan Miss Pricilla 4*M

DAM: Slate Woods Josephine
DS: Alchemy-Acres BF Relentless
DD: Slate Woods Lillith 5*M

Lujo hails from Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania and has Made her way back to the farm of  her parents and Paternal grandparents! Lujo has been blessed with the "J" line uder attachment....high, tight & well blended. She looks like her great-grandmosther, Juniper, and carries alot of her traits. LuJo has truly proven to be a wonderful doe. She is a very consistant milkerand she simply has a gorgous udder.


Slate Woods Jemima (AI)

SIRE: SGCH Keinan Bridgeto's Peanut ++*B
SS: Cadillac Brigeto's ++B
SD: Val-Tex Tiny Gina 1*M

DAM: SG The Juniper 4*M
DS: Keinan Freckles *B
DD: SG KEinan Jayco 3*M

Jamima is a deep bodied doe and she too carries the "J" line udder attachment...high, tight & wel blended. As a second freshner, Jemina peaked at 14 lbs. .

Slate Woods Hallie (AI)

SIRE: SGCH Keinan Bridgeto's Peanut ++*B
SS: Cadillac Brigeto's ++B
SD: Val-Tex Tiny Gina 1*M

DAM: SG Slate Woods Hayley's Tidbit 6*M
DS: Keinam Pryor-Son AI *B
DD: SG Keinan Hayley 5*M

Hallie is a small doe with a great personality. As a first freshener she proved to be consistent. As a second freshener she peaked at 12lbs!

Slate Woods Lady Maddie
DOB - 12/01/06

Sire: Bell-Haven Lunar Eclipse
SS: Cedarsage Cheyenne Renegade
SD: SG Bell-Haven Vanessa's Miss Velma 4*M

Dam: Fidelity Hill Lady Marodda 1*M
DS: Kaczara-Farm Briget's Pilgrim *B
DD: Fidelity Hill O'Maddi Roxanni

Maddie is a beautiful doe. She was sold as a kid but has returned back to Slate Woods and boy am I glad. Maddie is long, wide and level and big boned. Maddie has proven to be a great asset to the heard. We retained her doeling, Moonshine, and look, forward to future kiddings.

Slate Woods Lady Noelle
DOB - 12/05/06

Sire-Alchemy-Acres Shakiras Merlin
SS: Small-Haven Alchemy's Dauntless
SD: Alchemy- Acres PD Shakira

Dam-Fidelity-Hill Nadine's Nutmeg 5*M
DS: *B Greystone Jethro Excel
DD: Greystone Nadine 4*M

Noelle is a big boned doe. She is black and white spotted. Noelle was sold as a kid and when she was offered back to Slate Woods I jumped at the change to get her back. Noelle is bred to Apache.

Slate Woods Lady Joleen
DOB: 2/28/07


Sire: Slate Valley Sir Malachi
S.S. Alchemy-Acres Shakiras Merlin
SD: Fidelity Hill Lady Marodda 1*M

Dam: Slate Woods Juniper's Jazmye 5*M
DS: Keinan Pokeman
DD: SG The Slate Woods Juniper 4*M

Joleen is a carbon copy of her ddam. She is level, big boned and deep bodied just like Jaz and her grandmother Juniper. WOW! Just what I expect4ed another "J" line udder...high, tight and gorgous. Joleen's udder is simply beautiful. The fore udder blends so smoothly and she has a great rear attachment. She is milking between 9 and 10 pounds a day.

Slate Woods April's Lady Arwen (AI)
DOB: 12/27/2006


Sire: Faith-Farm Eden's Tesimony ++*B
SS: Nashama's Easters New Covenenat (AI) ++*B
SD: GCH Faith Farm ESJ Eden (AI) 1*M

Dam: Foxwood Ebony's April Fools 1*M
DS: SG The Shadow Vale Lunar Odyssey +*B
DD: Foxwood Esther's Ebony

Arwen is also a carbon copy of her dam. She is level and dairy looking and deep bodied.

Well, I waited a long time but Arwen finally kidded. She had a procous udder as a yearling but it did level out. Arwen is milking right nicely. Her mother April milked an extended lactation of three years straight so maybe Arwen can do the same in the future.

Slate Woods Lady Mariah
DOB - 12/09/07

Sire:  Slate Woods Sire Marco *B
SS:  Bell-Haven Lady Marodda 1*M
SD:  Fidelity Hill Lady Moradda
Dam:  Slate Woods Mercy's Miracle 1*M
DS:  Alchemy - Acres BF Relentless *B
DD:  Knute's Bend Mercy Louise

Mariah is gorgeous.  She is mahogany red.  Mariah is long, wide and just very nice. Mariah has really pleased me in her first lactation milking a gallon and only having a single kid. Her udder is very well attached, both front and rear. Looking forward to the second kidding in March 2011.

Slate Woods Junee
DOB - 4/17/08

Sire:  Bell - Haven Lunar Eclipse
SS:  Cedarsage Cheyenne Renegade
SD:  SG Bell - Haven - Haven Vanessas Miss Velma 4*M

Dam:  Slate Woods Jemina
DS:  SGCH Keinan Bridgeto's Peanut
DD:  SG Juniper 4*M

Junee is a replica of her grandmother Juniper.  Junee is a big boned doe and I am looking forward to freshening her this February.  Junee is bred to Apache.

WOW!!! Quads! Junee delivered two bucks and two does on December 26, 2010. She is milking over 10 pounds a day. I am very proud of her.

Slate Woods Lady Rozlyn

DOB: 11/18/08

Sire: Slate Valley Sir Malachi
S.S. Alchemy-Acres Shakiras Merlin
SD: Fidelity Hill Lady Marodda 1*M

Dam: Foxwood FCM Rebekkah 1*M
DS: CH Foxwood Sam's Felician *B
DD: Foxwood Odyssey Marsha

Rozlyn is beautiful,. she is wide and big boned. I can't wait for her to freshen since we lost her dam, Rebekkah when Roz was born. Rox is bred toTheo for April, 2011 kids.


High-Rock Farm Rachael

DOB 1/23/09

Sire: Slate Woods Sir Patrick *B
SS: Slate Valley Sir Malachi
SD: SG Keinan Paula 3*M

Dam: Slate Woods Raven
DS: Slate Valley Sir Malachi
DD: Foxwood FMC Rebekkah 1*M

I am very pleased to have gotten Rachael from High-Rock Farm. Rachael has bloodlines from some of my favortie lines and I am looking forward to her future kiddings. Rachael is bred to Leo for May, 2011 kids.


Slate Woods Lady Jaklyn

DOB 11/18/08

Sire: Bell-Haven Lunar Eclipse
SS; Cedarsage Cheyenne Renegade
SD: SG Bell-Haven vanessas Miss Velma 4*M

Dam: Slate Woods Juniper's Jazmyne 5*M
DS: Keinan Pokemon
DD: SG Slate Woods Juniper 4*M

Jaklyn is built like both her parents. She is long and tall like Lunar and big boned and wide like Jaz. I can't wait to see if she carries the "J" line udder. Jak is bred to Leo for April kids.