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We have been raising Nubians for 16 years and have loved everything about the adventure. Our herds bloodlines are made up of old Cadillac lines. We have Foxwood, Keinan Alchemy-Acres, Faith Farm. We have also added some Greystone and Kaczara, which are known for their high milk production.

Our goal is milk production and to be able to produce does that can stand up to a ten month lactation of high milk production. We are on a continuous DHIA program and we test annually for CAE. We continually have negative results. All kids are hand raised on heat treated colostrum and then fed pasteurized goat milk. The herd is vaccinated with covexin-8 for CDT. We wean our kids at 3 to 4 months old and by then they are eating grain and hay on a regular schedule.

We do require a small down payment of $40 per kid. This deposit holds the kid of your choice until weaned and then you will need to pick it up or make arrangements to have it picked up.

We go through great pains in taking care of our kids and appreciate your interest in wanting to add one to your herd.

Thank you for your interest in the SLATE WOODS herd


Slate Woods will be conducting another A.I. clinic on  Oct.1, 2011

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Slate Woods Farm
Lady Kathy of Slate Woods
Winchester, KY 40391

To honor the memory of the does that have gone on to greener pastures.

Though our beloved does, Maggie, Mercy, Miranda, Hayley, Hayleen, Paula, Jubilee and Juniper no longer bless us with their beauty and personality, they are sadly missed, but not forgotten. They left behind a legacy of daughters and grand-daughters that carry on their genetics. These does were the foundation and the soul of Slate Woods. With their contributions, Slate Woods will continue to keep them alive in generations to come.

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